Day & Night DGAPA Air Purifier

Day & Night DGAPA Air Purifier.

The Day & Night air purifier is installed on or near the furnace/air handler of your home comfort system to help capture airborne particles that circulate throughout your home. Capturing these particles keeps the equipment components clean, and more importantly, helps reduce particles from the air you breathe. Because your indoor air is under constant attack, you need an effective defense – the kind you get with the Day & Night air purifier.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented Captures & Kills® technology 
  • Long-lasting MERV 15 filter Captures  95% of particles
  • Inactivates 99% of select virus and bacterial including:
    • Human influenza 
    • Common cold surrogate
    • Streptococcus pyrogenes
    • Coronavirus
  • Narrow cabinet design for easier installation in tight spaces
  • Helps protect heating and cooling equipment