Day & Night DLFSOAH QuietComfort® Console Indoor Unit

Day & Night DLFSOAH QuietComfort® Console Indoor Unit.

This overhead cassette unit is designed to be recessed, providing inconspicuous heating and cooling. It’s particularly ideal for converted spaces or room additions where traditional ductwork is not an option. Equipped with Follow Me technology, it can detect the temperature at the handheld remote location, ensuring precise climate control. Additionally, it offers four different fan speeds, allowing for customized airflow. Its adaptable design makes it a crucial component for both single and multi-zone systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Available 208/230V
  • Sizes: 06/ 09 / 12 / 18
  • Compact size and can be installed between 16″ joists
  • Modes: Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan, Auto
  • Louver control (fixed or swing)
  • Four fan speeds
  • Built-in condensate lift pump
  • Follow Me (senses temperature at handheld remote)
  • Heating Setback (46° F Heating Mode)
  • Quiet indoor operation, as low as 28.8 dB(A)
  • Anti-corrosive fin coating