Day & Night G80CSU Ion™ 80 Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace

Day & Night G80CSU Ion™ 80 Ultra Low NOx Gas Furnace.

Our ultra-low NOx gas furnace is an easy choice for California residents in the South Coast Air Quality Management District and San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District looking for a heating solution with reduced NOx emissions. This 80% AFUE furnace reliably heats your home while significantly reducing emissions that contribute to smog, acid rain, water quality deterioration and more. The variable-speed blower means better summer dehumidification when paired with an Ion™ System air conditioner or heat pump.

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-low NOx Model
  • Quiet performance
  • Variable-speed, constant airflow (VCA) ECM blower motor and single-stage gas valve also provide enhanced levels of temperature control and comfort
  • Dual fuel capable with a compatible heat pump and thermostat for energy-saving heating performance
  • Fully insulated cabinet helps keep the heat moving to your ductwork
  • Air purifier and humidifier compatible